The Epic Chef Showdown in Charlottesville, VA

Duel Bracket Information

April 22, 2019:

Kit Ashi (Monsoon Siam) vs.

Dylan Allwood (Tavola)

Common ingredient is Mushrooms


February 11:

Laura Fonner (Duner’s) vs Chris Humphrey (Fellini’s)

Common ingredient was Citrus


Winner: Laura Fonner

Upcoming Duels:

June 10 - Matty Hart (The Local) and Laura Fonner (Duner's)

August 12 - final duel between last two winners

About Us

The “Duel Chef Showdown” takes two local Charlottesville chefs and pits them against each other in a contest of epic culinary proportions! The contest centers around one common ingredient, different for each duel, around which each chef prepares four courses. You, the patron, get to enjoy all eight plates and then vote on the best chef! There is a full bar to enjoy while you eat and there are two seating times to choose from.

The duel takes place at Tin Whistle Irish Pub and 10% of the proceeds go to charity! Reserve your seats today!!!


This Duel's Charity Will Benefit:

Local Food Hub - Our mission is to partner with Virginia farmers to increase community access to local food. We provide the support services, infrastructure, and market opportunities that connect people with food grown close to home

We are SOLD OUT again! Please come back after April 22nd to reserve your seat for the next Duel.

This price does not include taxes or gratuity, which will be added and paid at the end of the event. All sales are final.