Keevil & Keevil’s Harrison Keevil Will Face Tavola’s Dylan Allwood In The “Duel Chef Showdown” On September 10th

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Jerry Miller: Hey guys, it’s Jerry Miller. I’m inside I Love CVille with Harrison Keevil. He is the co-owner and chef at Keevil & Keevil Grocery and Kitchen. Also the executive chef at Commonwealth Skybar.

He will face Dylan Allwood of tavola in the Duel Chef Showdown on September 10th.

We’ll start open-ended, Chef. What do you think of the matchup with Dylan?

Harrison Keevil: It’s just going to be great to be back in the kitchen. We’ve known each other for going on ten years now, so any opportunity I have to cook with him is a fun opportunity.

Jerry Miller: I remember when he was working for you at Brookville. I come up the stairs, this was early in the morning, you guys were getting things ready. Dylan was like a little tyke here, he must have been a teenager at the time.

In some ways you have molded him into, now, one of the best chefs in Charlottesville.

Harrison Keevil: Oh, I haven’t, he’s done that himself. I’m one of the steps along the way. But he’s worked hard to get where he is today and he deserves everything he’s got.

Jerry Miller: What do you think about the family feel of chefs in Charlottesville? It seems like everyone is two degrees away from somebody.

Harrison Keevil: It’s just pretty awesome, I mean it’s nice to know that the chefs that come out of Brookville… I’ve got one at tavola. I’ve got one who worked for me up at Rose’s Luxury. I’ve got another chef who is out in Montana raising hogs.

It’s cool to see where these individuals end up, as they were a huge part of my life when I had them in my kitchen. And it’s just great to see them blossom and go forward.

Jerry Miller: Cool, last question for you. Onions [are] the common ingredient. Everyone is very excited, in fact we’re about halfway sold out already.

Harrison Keevil: Sweet!

Jerry Miller: What can we expect from Harrison Keevil in the Duel Chef Showdown?

Harrison Keevil: Delicious food.

Jerry Miller: Delicious food, I love it, Harrison Keevil.

September 10th, Tin Whistle Irish Pub. Harrison Keevil against Dylan Allwood. Get your tickets at